Today many people in our community, especially our children, have a disconnect to nature and natural spaces – technology, urbanization and societal pressures have changed the experience and interactions people once had with the outdoors. Much of our society has not participated in the outdoors and although there is renewed interest many don’t know how to do this. Specific efforts will be made to involve the education system from Kindergarten to post-secondary to engage them in project work, classroom and field trip lessons, presentations and research and data collection opportunities.  Getting our youth outside and experiencing the creek will connect them to the world outside! Below is more information about some of our species that live in and around Joseph Creek, click the links to learn more!

WestSlope Cutthroat

One of the native fish species that live in Joseph Creek.  Learn more about this species and their habitat needs, please click here


Learn more about one of the bird of prey that lives along the creek, see if you can spot them at Idlewild in their nest.  Click here to learn more.

Western Painted Turtle

The Western Painted Turtle live in Idlewild Reservoir, watch for them sunning themselves in the various sunning logs in the lake.  Click here for more information