The Joseph Creek Framework

Our Vision:

Joseph Creek and the surrounding landscape should be a healthy, functioning system capable of supporting the ecological and community infrastructure requirements; the enhancement of recreation, historic and cultural assets; and inspire the community to connect to the creek.

The Plan:

In July 2017 the Joseph Creek Management Framework was presented to and accepted by Cranbrook City Council. The Framework will appeal to and build on the assets of the community; having a multi-dimensional impact while maintaining a healthy functioning creek system.

The Framework will restore, support and maintain a healthy functioning system, and change community interactions with the Creek, by:

  • Capitalize on community nostalgia – (How the Creek was),
  • Support the new City administration and leadership direction to be innovative,
  • Foster partnerships and collaborative efforts towards a common vision,
  • Enhance the College of the Rockies scientific presence,
  • Enhance and develop a sense of place / pride – new interactions and community connections with the surrounding environment,
  • Augment current curriculum changes with local place based learning opportunities,
  • Link and manage community priorities already identified by community processes,
  • Strategically tackle current infrastructure requirements of the community with the inclusion of science and sustainability into community decision making.
  • Engage with the Ktunaxa Nation and specifically ?Aq’am Community by incorporating their knowledge, culture, history and philosophies into the multi-dimensional collaboration with the communities surrounding Joseph Creek.
  • Project identification based on Data Analysis, identified priorities, leveraging and readiness are ongoing. These projects and their inclusion of the community is where the innovation and buy-in will be seen. These include things like the Idlewild Lake Riparian enhancement School Project, the Habitat enhancement/data collection/monitoring programs, etc.

It is anticipated that initially projects will be implemented by the Initiative partners but that future projects will be undertaken by community groups and individuals.

Click the button below to download the complete Joseph Creek Framework (pdf).